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ФZhu company was established in 1990. Since 1993 manufactures plastic products. In the manufacturing process we use the following technologies: Extrusion straws, profiles for greenhouses, foils; Thermoforming packaging working pots forms for seedlings; Vacuum molding the pads cosmetics, blister packs; Injection molding of parts made of plastic - depilatory spatula, a cutting ring; Advertising - manufacturing custom dropstop, advertising banners, brochures. The company expanded production and commercial nomenclature and today offers a wide range of disposables: plastic, paper and bamboo. The company is a direct importer of bamboo and paper disposable products. To close the cycle maintenance and service of food - health sector, we offer a full range of cleaning products and hygiene materiali.ELEKTRONEN Shop. Standard products are just one section of the extensive product range. The company fulfills individual orders for specific products. Thanks to the experience and multifunctional technological equipment, the team can offer affordable and practical technical solutions for non-standard products and packaging. Develop a variety of thermoformed articles for various spheres of industry. Since 2001, the company manufactures and supplies for agriculture. The products have participated in various exhibitions, some of them are prize winners. Zhu - BG has a modern production base in the town. Gabrovo, commercial representation and stores in the town. Bourgas rich fleet. Trusting us, you gain the convenience of being always timely and good service, get everything you need in the field of single-use products, have the most advanced technological ideas and solutions.

Стефан Воденичаров


(1960 - 2010)

Stefan Mihailov Vodenitcharov the father and the heart of the company Zhu. On 10.09.2010 he was gone from us. His place will always be here with us and everything we do will be in the name of its Zhu.

"The most beautiful words remain always last. The most true words are spoken the most real people. We are happy that we have said and good and true words with Stefan while he was with us. So now a few words, and good and true for those who do not know him. Others have words in their hearts and thoughts. Stefan was not the most flawless manager, but was the most devotee, inspired and distribution was boss, we know. Stefan was not the most genial and educated scientist, but he was gifted with the most astute, inventive and playful mind that can create and the finest straw. Stefan was not famous comedian, but everyone who knows him carry at least one very large, very bright and very serene smile in his memoirs. Stefan was not the most wise thinker, but had the wisdom to find light in the darkest things to unravel and most intricate problems. Stefan was not the best person in the world but had shoulder for friends and acquaintances heart for near and far. Stefan was not iron warrior, but he had the will and courage worthy of the most fierce battle this life. Stefan was not a pastor, but he had the fortitude that will lead us always. " He was not a saint, but he was the most brightest person I know. Thank you that you had!